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Soft skills and human relations topics and focus.  If you take care of the substance, the surface will take care of itself. Take care of your staff and they will take care of your business.

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Human Relations

Similaity Training


  Diversity training is well intentioned but approaches the need from the back door. The catchall phrase is to celebrate our differences.  When we normally get together with a group of people to celebrate something does it ever have anything to do with differences? No! There is a similarity or point of commonality that brings people together and makes a connection though they may be a very diverse group. At that point there is the basis for communication and interest in differences is a natural outcropping of that.  

The Power of Dignity and Respect



 “Dignity and Respect has to do with what you are ready, willing, and able to accept within yourself and in accepting to be able to give others. It is your personal power to make a difference by being true to the best within you and letting that truth shine through your words and actions." Gail Pursell Elliott” 

The Power of Significance


 There are five basic human needs motivating our choices, decisions, and behavior that are subconscious and emotionally based. These are fun, freedom, power, belonging and survival.  There is one motivator that can over-ride all of these. This is significance.

Personal Growth

Personal Heroes


Did you know that you are a hero? We can gain insight into ourselves when we determine who our personal heroes are. There is a standard definition to the word hero. But our personal definitions are more important. We determine who makes the cut, who qualifies to be a hero in our own lives. When we name our heroes we become more aware of what we value most.  

Eye of the Hurricane: The Dignity and Respect Approach to Stress


 “Pressure. It changes everything. Some folks, you squeeze them, they focus – others fold." - The Devil’s Advocate

What causes us stress? We could make a laundry list of all the external factors. Too many responsibilities. Too many people depending on us. Deadlines. Delays. Sometimes we can feel as if we’re caught in a hurricane. But at the center of every hurricane there is something called the eye. In the eye, all is peaceful and calm. The sun is shining. We can see clearly. The purpose of this session is to help you find that calm center within you.

Civility and Ethics


  Civility is often coupled in the same phrase as ethical expectations within an organization as they often are closely related as indicators of one another. Not addressing incivility and disrespectful behavior in the workplace especially in times such as these is risky business. Creating a safe environment in this area can be challenging and like every other safety issue, requires an organizational commitment, structural and procedural assessments,  and implementation of safeguards such as communication education, monitoring and intervention.  

Employee Relations

Mastering Change


The imperative phrase “lock and load” originally referred to the operation of the standard U.S. Army rifle of WWII. Its meaning is more general now, referring to preparation for any imminent event.   Change viewed as a concept to be learned and mastered rather than a disruption can make all the difference in times of transition. 

Surface and Substance in Times of Change


 “We have the power to choose and to exercise that power without giving control of it to situations. We cannot change anything but our own perspective and response, yet in that changing we change the world around us by becoming an instrument of insight and awareness.”

Respectful Work Environment -Establishing Trust


 Trust is like a fine crystal goblet. If it’s damaged and you try to repair it, it will be weak and the cracks will show. You have to start over. Whether we want to rebuild trust or start establishing it in a new situation or environment, there are a few guidelines that help to do just that. When trust exists, the doors are open to effective communication and we have the inner freedom to self motivate and continue to grow personally and professionally.  

Professional Development

One on One Professional Development


 Coaching and Advising assistance to enhance your leadership.

Reward and Recognition on a Limited Budget


Company T-shirts, mugs, picnics, bonus trips, and even raises are simply a temporary distraction if people are treating each other like dirt on a daily basis or thwarting each other’s work efforts to grab whatever this month’s brass ring happens to be. Identify elements in your work environment that are de-motivating your staff. Learn simple strategies for ongoing, meaningful recognition that will help

you get the maximum benefit from your incentive and rewards program.

Supervision: People vs Things – A Primer For The Newly Promoted


 “Ok, now what do I do?” People are generally promoted into positions of leadership because they demonstrated superior skills in their chosen field. Supervision and leadership require new and different skills than the ones that put someone in a position for promotion. Inexperienced or new

supervisors often fluctuate between trying to be “one of the guys” and a dictatorial approach. This session helps new supervisors gain insight and build trust. It explores the basics of dignity and respect leadership, motivational issues and trust principles 


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